Oudani has different materials, including galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel. However, in the production of this industrial and construction section, in addition to carbon steels and galvanized coatings, polymer composites, aluminum, and stainless steels can also be used. Note that the price of studs varies in different sexes. Aluminum is usually lighter in weight and has a relatively high ductility. It is most commonly used in the construction of door and window frames, chassis trailers and structural frames, and the alloys used in it are usually in the 6000 series. Standard dimensions of steel type 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 and heights of 30 to 40 mm are produced.
In addition, studs are available in two types, simple and lattice, in the following, we will briefly examine each of them.
In terms of appearance, this product is offered in two types, simple and mesh. The simple type, which is often used in the construction of load-bearing stairs, is available in sizes 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 and is produced in various heights, which usually vary between 30 and 400 mm.
However, the lattice type is commonly used in the production of steel shelves. This type can also be placed in another category in terms of wing shape, which include UPE and UPN; The difference between the two is in the appearance of the wings. The wings of the UPE are flat and parallel, while the wings of the UPN type are conical.
There is another type that is thicker and heavier in weight, which is called European studs or UNP. These types are commonly used in large and industrial projects

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