Today, construction is very advanced, and as we move forward, needs, wants, and ideals change. Buildings need special tools to have strength and durability, among which the role of rebar in concrete should be mentioned. The role of rebar in concrete is very important to have a strong and durable structure. Rebar-free concrete has little use and is not used in construction, so these steel sections are placed in it in various ways to increase the strength of concrete.
Rebar is a type of steel rod that is made in different sizes and is used for concreting. In most human hand structures, concrete is built for strength. Although concrete has a high resistance to compressive forces and requires extraordinary compressive strength to crush this material, it also has a weakness. Concrete does not have much resistance to tensile and rotational forces, this is where the rebar enters the field and protects the structures against tensile forces. In fact, this steel product is used to strengthen concrete. One of the times when increasing the tensile strength of concrete thanks to rebars protects us is when an earthquake occurs. In these cases, what prevents the concrete from cracking and breaking is the rebars used in it. They act as structural guards to keep residents safe