Beam is one of the most important profiles used in construction and industrial structures, whose task is to withstand the stresses caused by shear force and bending anchor. In the production process of this product, hot rolling is used and there are only some different stages in normal production and its hash.
Beam is used as a metal structure widely used in the construction industry in different types depending on its tasks and role, and its types include IPE ‌, INP, IPB and honeycomb beams. .
Beam is a well-known profile with cross-section in the form of I and H, which is made of different steel alloys; This product is widely used in building construction; So that steel frame buildings without this profile will not exist externally. The main task of this type of profile in structures is to withstand and transfer the load on the building, it is also used in the design of columns, trusses and beams as the best option. This profile consists of two parts, the wing and the soul, the main and middle part of the beam is called the soul and the edges and sides of the wing. The high volume of use of this product has made the price of beams one of the determining factors in the cost price of the building