he iron ore pellets are charged in a direct reduction unit in the furnace and regenerated by iron reformed gas at a temperature of about 800 to 870 ° C from the form of iron oxide reduced to iron, which is called "sponge iron". Sponge iron is obtained by direct reduction of iron ore and is also called DRI.
The capacity of the sponge iron unit in this project is designed using 800 series technology with a capacity of 960,000 tons per year, which in total requires about 1,400,000 tons of iron ore pellets as input material.
All iron ore pellets can be supplied for this project according to the forecasts from the internal sources of the Iranian market, and the iron ore mines in this regard have created or are in the process of producing pellet pellets and can deliver the required quantities for this project. . One of the most important applications of sponge iron is in induction furnaces and in the production of iron and crude steel. It can be said that the use of sponge iron in induction furnaces is able to replace scrap by about 50%. But its application in induction furnace requires technical knowledge and experience. The use of sponge iron is also a major development in the continuous casting of the steel industry. It can be used in almost all steel production methods. Many small and large steel yproduction units in the country use these methods. Iran has more natural resources at its disposal for direct recover